_0016928 Copy 1Eitan Asnafy Law Firm provides a full range of commercial law services with a specialization in tax law.

The firm’s services cover all tax-related areas: income tax, value added tax, international taxation, relocation, returning residents and new immigrants, corporate taxation, voluntary disclosure, real estate taxation, indirect taxation and municipal taxation.

Eitan Asnafy Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services in all aspects of tax law and takes pride in its ability to tailor its services to the specific needs of each and every client. The firm offers its clients tax planning services (including preparation of legal opinions and pre-ruling applications) as well as legal representation before the Israeli tax authorities and various judicial instances. The firm also has vast experience in tax-related class actions.

Mr. Eitan Asnafy (Adv.) (CPA), the firm’s founder, is a renowned expert in all areas of Israeli taxation.

Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Asnafy served as a partner in one of Israel’s leading and largest tax law practices.

Mr. Asnafy’s vast experience solving complex tax issues and representing clients before the Israeli tax authorities marks him out as one of Israel’s leading tax law experts.

Alongside his legal practice, Mr. Asnafy co-authored the treatise “International Taxation – The Law in Israel”, which is considered to be one of the most comprehensive treatises in the field of international taxation from the Israeli legal perspective.

Based on three-year long research work, the treatise serves as an elementary textbook in law and accounting faculties in Israel’s leading universities and colleges. The treatise is often quoted in court rulings relating to international taxation and it is a cornerstone in the development of this field in Israel.

The treatise is also widely used as a reference book by tax law practitioners and the Israeli tax authorities.

Mr. Asnafy (Adv.) (CPA) has an LL. B Law degree and a BA degree in Accounting from the
Tel Aviv University. He is a licensed advocate and a certified public accountant.

Mr. Asnafy’s extensive education, comprehensive knowledge and vast experience have placed him in a unique position as a highly-esteemed professional in his field of expertise.

Areas of Expertise:

· Income Tax
· International Taxation
· Relocation
· Returning Residents and New Immigrants
· Corporate Taxation, Partnerships, Funds and Cooperative Societies
· Land Taxation
· Indirect Taxation (Customs and VAT)
· Municipal Taxation

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services which include:

· Voluntary disclosure procedures and tax data sharing
· Reports to the tax authorities (relocation, management and control outside Israel).
· Tax planning
· Preparation of legal opinions
· Pre-ruling applications
· Representation of clients in courts (including representation before the Supreme Court)
· Advising and supporting clients through the transaction process from start to finish.
· Supplementary advisory services to colleagues and professionals.
· The firm has a unique expertise in the field of class actions, mainly in connection with class actions relating to tax and economic issues.

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